About Claire Claire Myers     Pilates Instructor Matwork & Equipment      Level 4  Lower Back Pain Specialism    Registered Equipilatestm Instructor Modern Dance Teacher (ISTD) MSc Hons Health Promotion Biomechanics Trained 2017  See a summary of my training below My Aims  as Claire Myers Pilates be safe      build awareness     be functional       build strength      remain engaging      current research To be safe   teaching exercises which are safe  for spine and other joint health     Build awareness of how  to treat your body, to understand & follow your limits without the need of an instructor    To be functional, all the exercises need to be relevant to functional movement     To build strength by developing exercises towards everybody’s individual capacity    To work the whole body, work & release through the body as a whole   To remain engaging   offering exercises that challenge & offer variety within the context of current research in the field of anatomy, functional movement and exercise  be safe      build awareness     be functional       build strength      remain engaging      current research my Training claire myers training 2018 AM Dressage    Adam Kemp Intense 3 day course    Gloucestershire Practical course.  Building knowledge & control;  position,  theory of progression, goal setting Rider Strength & Balance with Physio  Andy Stenner Spine Safe Pilates       Cherry Baker (Modern Pilates)     Intense 2 day course    Taunton how to safely manage spine conditions & Pilates exercises including stenosis, disc issues, spondylylothesis, sciatica, arthritis, scoliosis, hypermobility and more Osteoporosis   Safe Spine        Cherry Baker (Modern Pilates)    LONDON How to recognise and work with Osteoporosis claire myers training 2017 Pilates Gap Filler    Safe Spine Core & Brain Science Concepts       Rebecca Leone     Florida Online study Paris/Florida/Torino  f   Florida face to face learning via Skype Biomechanics Coach - Fast Track    Biomechanics Education   Rachel France   EXETER Three 5 day courses (15 days total)    Practical Exam    Further 3 months study  Pilates Align  Engage Go    The Stability Challenge    Rebecca Leone     DUBLIN Problem Solving, Safe Spine (McGill research)   REBECCA LEONE    Florida claire myers training 2016 Pilates Large Equipment    Claire Worman (Osteopath Pilates Training Solutions) 3 day course     Staines, Surrey           Reformer    Caddillac     Wunda Chair    Barrel Arc Muscle Energy Techniques    John Gibbons (physio osteopath)   1 day course OXFORD Jazz Dance    Bronze, Silver &  Gold amalgamations    ISTD HQ    Ruth H  1 day course London   claire myers training 2015 Anatomy Trains Body work for Movement Therapists     2 day course    LONDON                                               with the wonderful    Karin Gutner   (Art of Motion) Equipilates Module 2      Affiliated Instructor    Lindsay Wilcox-Reid     DERBY                                             3 day course       Ridden Pilates Instruction  (working ‘on’ the Horse) claire myers training 2014 Stage 2 Riding & Horse Care     BHS    Exam   Dorchester   Dorset Free Style Fitness Yoga    2 day course   Jayne Nicholls Group X Training    LONDON claire myers training 2013 Anatomy Trains    Body work and the physical fascia    2 day course    BRISTOL Stage 1   Riding & Horse Care     BHS    Exam   Gillingham  Dorset Equipilates Module 1:2          Lindsay Wilcox-Reid     DERBY  3 Day Course   Equipilates Affiliated Instructor    movement in 3D claire myers training 2012 Equitation Science  (Equipilates Module 1:3)  3 day course      Lisa  Ashton    DERBY claire myers training 2011 Anatomy Trains Body work and the physical fascia   2 day course LONDON Equipilates Module 1   3 day course      Lindsay Wilcox-Reid     DERBY   claire myers training Pre: 2011 Matwork Pilates Level 3   Pilates Training Solutions   La Santa   Lanzarote Pilates Level 2  Pilates Training Solutions   Twickenham
                                                              Thank you for finding out                                                  more about me  Claire
As the Pilates Industry is largely unregulated, I source my training carefully to make sure I am up to date with current research and science.  I want to bring you the best learning experience and benefits to your body and to ensure I am teaching at as high a standard of safety and knowledge as I possibly can
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