About Pilates and what to expect from my classes

Strengthen and Stabilise  acheive this whilst staying relaxed!  

Pilates is a form of exercise using controlled movements to tone and  

strengthen the body with a major focus on strengthening the body's  

"core" (the area of the torso). It targets two areas in particular, which  

support the spine; the lower tummy and the mid back. In 

strengthening the  core, the spine can be encouraged to 're-align', 

bringing the body into  better upright posture which in turn relieves 

muscle tension, reduces wear  and tear and helps to reduce risk of 

injury.  But it is not all about strength,  Pilates also aims to increase 

suppleness by working the joints through a  safe range of 

movement. It helps the respiratory system by improving the  

efficiency of breathing whilst promoting relaxation.  This all together 

unites  the mind and body 

Whatever your level of

fitness, gender or age,

Pilates is a  wonderful tonic for

all  bodies.  Because of the

gentle nature of Pilates,

everyone can do it..from those

with injuries  or other

limitations, to the super fit who

are after a greater challenge.

All exercises  are modified to

work to each participants 

capabilities. Beginners start

with basic  exercises and build

up gradually to more 

challenging exercises with

careful attention  to good

technique, only progressing

when  ready. In time the

participant will know their  own

limitations and will recognise

the  different ways to modify

the exercises.  Once the

technique has been learned, 

exercises can then be

performed at home,  allowing

for more frequency and less 

dependence on classes. This

really helps  encourage you to

manage your own health  and


What to expect at a class of  Claire Myers Pilates Your 

Pace ...my classes aim to encourage everyone to progress at their 

own pace.  As far as possible, I keep the classes small so that I can 

work on a closer level  with every participant. In the years that I have 

been teaching, I have had  experience of a variety of different 

injuries and complaints. Even though it is  difficult in group classes, 

all my classes aim to suit individual needs. I am  constantly updating 

my skills with further training and research into different  ailments to 

help me work with a range of abilities and modify exercises when  

necessary. As I take the class, I try and impart as much information 

as possible  about which muscles we are using and why. In this way, 

participants learn about  their strengths and weaknesses and can 

start to take responsibility for their own  fitness..Maybe even 

practising some Pilates moves at home. 

The objective is to help the body work correctly.  To do this,

we need to undo some of the  bad habits our bodies get into. Even if 

you are fit or have done other fitness disciplines, learning  Pilates 

requires that we start with the basics and build up - in order not to 

perpetuate ‘bad movement  habits’.  Moves are layered to gradually 

progress both the physical and mental challenge.  Repeating  

exercises allows the participant to first learn & perform the moves 

correctly and later to stay relaxed as  they do them because they are 

then familiar.  This is a process which may take some weeks. My 

classes are planned as a term sequence.  Whilst it is not essential 

that you attend every class,  the progressions are planned over the 6 

weeks.  Later classes build on principles and moves explored  earlier 

in the term, meaning you will gain the most by attending the whole 

term. Pilates moves in a class situation are aimed at the general 

population. Despite this, I try to  make sure everyone is comfortable 

and given alternatives when necessary.  I will leave you to work out  

the moves over the first few weeks, intervening when and if 

necessary.  You are welcome to ask  questions.  The more I work with 

you, the better equipped I will be to modify moves to your particular  

circumstances.  Your feedback will help with this.  The vast majority of 

people will respond well to  learning in the class environment with 

clear instructions.   However, if the standard class Pilates  exercises 

do not help, or you would like more focused  

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