Home Claire ? Classes Pilates ? Maintenance F A Q's Riders 6: Leg straigtening 7:Full Bridge 8: Double 90-/90 legs 9: Leg and arms combined Bridge & Arms combined 10: Bridge & arms combined 11: All 4ís side bend  1: Cat stretch warm up             2: Breathing and Pelvic tilt 3: Rotator Cuff arms 4: Pelvic Stability  Leg dips 5: Mini Bridge Release  Beginners   July 2015 6: Side Leg semi circle 7: Curl Up and twist 8: Side Leg semi circle 9: Rolling exercises 10: All 4ís side bend  1: Cat stretch & warm up              Breathing and Pelvic tilt 2: Rotator Cuff arms 3: Pelvic Stability  Leg dips 4: Bridge Release 5: 123 Arms Intermediate    July 2015
Claire Myers Pilates

from - 2016  &  2015    £6

Intermediate    July 2016 1.	Intro 2.	Warm up and Neutral strengthening Cat, back stretch & breathing   Lower back circles, pelvic tilt                                                               on or off a roller - Leg slide arm float   Single leg lift   Curl up & leg slide 3.	Side laying, Seated & face down  Side leg circles, Arm opening twist    Seated side bend  and bounce stretch  Elbow & Spine lifts, Dart & side bend & Side bounce stretch 4.	Band work and Bridge  Leg stretch and  lower, Teaser,  Bridge & Breathing  Each track could be used as a stand alone routine

Audio Files, CD and DVD’s for practise at


When possible, I will record a summery of the terms exercises and progressions in the format of an audio file, or DVD available to purchase     These can be posted or emailed to you


Sound File from this term   £6                A full class to do at home   Contains:  Thoracic Breathing  -  Straight Leg Float - 123 Arms - Core activation, glued foot into single shin and scissor - side laying Arm hinge - Hip Hinge - Seated dumb waiter - all 4’s press-up   Hip circle release Sound File from May   £6                A full class to do at home   53 minutes Contains:  Cat/Camel  - Pelvic Tilt/Arch  -  Leg Slide & Lift/Arm Circles  -   Side Laying Circles & Neck Work  -  Face Down Dart  - Single/Double Shin  &  Upper Body Float Prep - Nose Circles Sound File from  April   £6             A full class to do at home during next week when I am not teaching classes    55 minutes Content:  Knee thigh Opening - Side laying straight & bent leg hinges - Fore-arm hold - Straight leg lift & strength hold - Arm & Hip Circles - Pelvic semi circles      Class Recording  March      £6  55 minute file knee thigh opening  Side laying leg work and forearm hold Leg slide and hold  Hip & Arm circles Specific files    February       Release    Arms    Strength £3 each    £5 for 2   £7 for all 3 files Release & Strength Audio CD’s 1 & 2    £8 1: Cat-Camel 2: Scapula Release 3: Pelvic Stability     Knee thigh opening     Leg Slide & lift 4. Supine Side Bend & Stretch

from 2017    Safe Spine!!

DVD   of the Cardio work-out and Strength Hold Squat       £9 10 minute standing movement routine with full explanations and demonstrations of alternatives and modifications Finding The Core  &   Standing Workout        £8 summary of Pelvic Ring & Shoulder Girdle V   standing Arm & Legs with bend/rises