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6: Leg straigtening 7:Full Bridge 8: Double 90-/90 legs 9: Leg and arms combined Bridge & Arms combined 10: Bridge & arms combined 11: All 4ís side bend  1: Cat stretch warm up             2: Breathing and Pelvic tilt 3: Rotator Cuff arms 4: Pelvic Stability  Leg dips 5: Mini Bridge Release  Beginners   July 2015  6: Side Leg semi circle 7: Curl Up and twist 8: Side Leg semi circle 9: Rolling exercises 10: All 4ís side bend  1: Cat stretch & warm up              Breathing and Pelvic tilt 2: Rotator Cuff arms 3: Pelvic Stability  Leg dips 4: Bridge Release 5: 123 Arms Intermediate    July 2015  from - 2016  &  2015    £6 Intermediate    July 2016 1.	Intro 2.	Warm up and Neutral strengthening Cat, back stretch & breathing   Lower back circles, pelvic tilt                                                               on or off a roller - Leg slide arm float   Single leg lift   Curl up & leg slide 3.	Side laying, Seated & face down  Side leg circles, Arm opening twist    Seated side bend  and bounce stretch  Elbow & Spine lifts, Dart & side bend & Side bounce stretch 4.	Band work and Bridge  Leg stretch and  lower, Teaser,  Bridge & Breathing  Each track could be used as a stand alone routine

Audio Files, CD and DVD’s for practise at


When possible, I will record a summery of the terms exercises and progressions in the format of an audio file, or CD available to purchase     These can be posted or emailed to you
2018 December Standing & Matwork Routine   £7 Matwork only  £6 Standing:  Spiral   Foot pedal balance & rise   Elbow pull downs Matwork: Knee thigh opening, Single shin, Side left lift & clam progression All 4’s cat pads, Glut leg lift, Forearm Core October Core muscle ‘activation’  £5 Core muscle ‘sustain’  £5 These short audio files cover the basics of finding. engaging and keeping ‘on’ the deep core muscles of the upper & lower back -as covered during the first weeks of term They are useful to remind us how to get support both in the classes but in everyday movements too! Sound File July   £6                A full class to do at home   Contains:  Thoracic Breathing  -  Straight Leg Float - 123 Arms - Core activation, glued foot into single shin and scissor - side laying Arm hinge - Hip Hinge - Seated dumb waiter - all 4’s press-up   Hip circle release Sound File May   £6                A full class to do at home   53 minutes Contains:  Cat/Camel  - Pelvic Tilt/Arch  -  Leg Slide & Lift/Arm Circles  -   Side Laying Circles & Neck Work  -  Face Down Dart  - Single/Double Shin  &  Upper Body Float Prep - Nose Circles Sound File from  March   £6             A full class to do at home during next week when I am not teaching classes    55 minutes Content:  Knee thigh Opening - Side laying straight & bent leg hinges - Fore-arm hold - Straight leg lift & strength hold - Arm & Hip Circles - Pelvic semi circles      Specific files    February       Release    Arms    Strength £3 each    £5 for 2   £7 for all 3 files Release & Strength Audio CD’s 1 & 2    £8 1: Cat-Camel 2: Scapula Release 3: Pelvic Stability     Knee thigh opening     Leg Slide & lift 4. Supine Side Bend & Stretch

from 2017    Safe Spine!!

DVD   of the Cardio work-out and Strength Hold Squat       £9 10 minute standing movement routine with full explanations and demonstrations of alternatives and modifications Finding The Core  &   Standing Workout        £8 summary of Pelvic Ring & Shoulder Girdle V   standing Arm & Legs with bend/rises