What are the different levels?                        from  easiest to most challenging  Gentle  (Beginners) Starting with the complete  basics and principles at a physically gentle  level.  This can be more of a challenge  mentally as we learn how to use the body  correctly and identify how to avoid ‘compensations’.  This is where everyone should start   Improvers  Building on the techniques  learned in the beginners classes, in Improvers, we develop  the exercises to a more physically demanding  level, but with plenty of alternatives and  explanation. Improvers requires knowledge of  the basic principles but not necessarily great  physical strength.      Intermediate  The pace of this level is faster  with slightly less detailed explanation as we go through progressions.  Participants are expected to know the exercises as they start to explore harder movements and begin to understand their own limits     Advanced This most physically demanding  level is a real work-out but still follows our  basic principles.  Everyone should work to  their own level within each exercise.  The pace  is fast moving and challenging.  Participants are expected to know their own limits and                                     modification alternatives

Class levels

Look at the description of the levels

below.  If you have never done Pilates

before, start with Gentle before

moving through the levels

Too  hard?

Class Levels

Gentle (Beginner) Improver Intermediate Advanced 1:1 private tailored session

Pilates for Riding

these lessons take a different format, often using equipment

Sore Back Hips or other


Gentle (Beginner) level classes are

best to gently build up strength and

mobility.  You may wish to stay at

this level if you are managing

injuries or conditions which could be

aggravated by working at a more

intense level

How long will it take before I move up  to the next level?  Everybody learns and develops at their own  pace, some people may like (or need) to stay  in  a gentler class for longer than others.  Most  people like to do a beginners course of 6 weeks, then re-do it to feel confident they are  working correctly, before moving on
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