Class Costs      All classes must be booked in advance

                                     £9 per class

EarlyBird discount    secures your place in the class applicable only when paying the full term price - usually 5, 6 or 7 weeks  - payable by the end of the current term for the new term session As paying this way means the cost of a full term is reduced, unattended classes will not be refunded but can be made up as missed classes                during the same term -where there are spaces
In Advance £9 per class  payable in advance to book your place (eg: 6 lessons £54)  See terms below  note flexibility around your holidays     and Book&Pay Day Regular's EarlyBird Discount applicable only when paying the full term price, payable before the end of term        see EarlyBird terms below     EarlyBird for the new term is £48:60              Cant do all the classes in the term?  Check out Advanced Booking options below All newcomers classes are paid in advance by the Term   See terms below
Pay as you Go £10 per class            (only once a full term has been completed)  Spaces for Pay on the Day are not guaranteed Priority for available spaces will be given for those who have booked and paid for their classes in advance newcomers must pay by the term & cannot do pay on the day
Freedom to Roam... The classes are mainly in & around Dorchester and Weymouth.  As I teach everyday, I encourage any missed classes to be made up at an alternative session *  providing there are spaces  so as to keep up the continuation of your Pilates conditioning.  This means you do not lose out financially.   See terms below If you have a very busy schedule, you can come to whichever class suits you during that week * If you cannot attend every class in the term, you can book & pay in advance for just the classes you know you can attend *    Please Book&Pay inn advance for these by the Book&Pay Day There are 3 different payment plans to suit your needs:    (priority always to those who have paid in advance) Early Bird discount is the cheapest option for regular participants paying a term ahead   FULL TERM ONLY   see EarlyBird terms below Advanced Booking prices apply when paying ahead for the classes you intend coming to during the term   So long as I know when and where you will attend and when you plan to be away    see terms below under ‘Advanced Booking’   book by Book&Pay Day to reserve your place Pay on the Day is more expensive, but works for those who cannot commit to regular classes * however it does not guarantee a place  * many classes now full, see terms below
Newcomers  whilst Pilates is a wonderful discipline for your health & well being, its benefits will more effectively felt over a period of participation. For this reason, I ask that all newcomers commit to the term in advance (terms usually run for 6 weeks). Please ask if you would prefer to try out the class, (you can do the first class for £9 if there is sufficient space) Once you have completed a full term chunk, you can choose the “pay on the day” option and can also benefit from the regular's EarlyBird discount.
Please note: as missed classes can be made up during the term, credits or refunds cannot be carried over to the new term
Missed Classes If you have paid In Advance but miss a class, this can be made up at another session.  Preferably during the same week (for continuity of teaching progressions) or during the same term period so long as there are spaces in the alternative class. If the alternative class is not your level, modifications can be given.  Please check there are spaces in the alternative class before coming Missed classes can be made up whenever convenient to you during the term, therefore reductions or refunds are not given against the new term Please do not misuse this option by asking to carry credits over to a new term
Advanced Booking £9 Where you are not able to attend a full term, places can be booked and reserved in advance around your commitments or holidays.  I am happy  for you to pay only for the classes you intend coming to...So long as I know which classes you will attend in advance. Calculate how many sessions you will attend and times by ‘£9 each’ for the cost.  I will mark this in the class register which allows me to manage the class Please pay by the Book&Pay Day to secure your place
However, you do not have to pay for classes                                                                                                           where you will plan to be away...see terms below check out Freedom to Roam (below)    Missed classes can be made up or swapped but only During the Same Term Period
Pay as you Go   £10 As Pilates needs a few sessions to learn properly, Pay as you Go is only sensible for those who have already completed a full term. Whilst you are welcome to risk just turning up, places are only guaranteed if they are booked in advance. Priority will always be given to those who have booked and paid for  their classes in advance      
1:1 private sessions £30 30 mins  (2 sessions £50)  £45  45 mins  (2 sessions £75) £60 1 hour (2 sessions £100) 1:1 sessions can be done at some class venues or at your house or yard (where appropriate) 2:1 please contact me for prices           
EarlyBird  only applies when paying for the Full Term     Please note: as missed classes can be made up during the term, credits or refunds are not given against the new term  
   answer machine only  01305 751984
Email me to book in....        
Email me to book in....        
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