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Choose from one of the Membership options  to suit the weekly amount of on-line content   and exercise inspiration you require             full details below 
Membership prices  for the  New (interrupted) Term  July 20-31st     &     September 1st -11th    4 week period          August organised differently...see below
Content will be delivered via  Facebook private group Zoom YouTube                           Please let me know if you need any more info or help accessing these platforms
Shake up time!     Over August,  classes will be organised differently.....   Options   1   2   &   3     (August  1st - 30th) 1)    £25    Maintenance     4 weeks  carefree access to the whole facebook history of  content for you to browse  and follow  at your convenience  (fb only)   2)    £45     Weekly Classes  new !!    Zoom: 1:20 minutes classes with 40 mins strength followed by 40mins release  Every Wednesday at noon in August.   You can join or leave whenever you want      AND   new Short 15-20 min pre-recorded ‘Build up with Breakdown’  sessions.  These will breakdown exercises to allow you to build up technique, control and strength - access through YouTube 3)    £65     Both the above (1&2) - for the whole of August,  all the previous facebook content,  4 Zooms,  YouTube Breakdowns  
Classes over August  still in time for EarlyBird
  Unlimited short format  video   Advanced extras   mixed ability, standing,  functional provided on .... Facebook Zoom YouTube 4 weeks £46.40 if paid by July 12th
One full class                      per week   provided on either Zoom   YouTube 4 weeks £32.44 if paid by July 12th 
Unlimited full classes                     and  short format        video or audio access  to the private Silver fb group Signature video Series  eg low back, shoulders  standing, desk top, gardening, shoulder, seated provided on ... Zoom YouTube Facebook 1:1 on line Private Session 4 weeks £66.40 if paid by July 12th
~ A La Carte  ~ Full hour class  £10 Short format class   £8 2 if under 15 mins Signature Series £10 (specialist subjects) Private 1:1    £50
Library of all content Click Here 
7 days access
Unlimited full Classes Access  to the private Silver fb group
Bronze is for you if:   You want to do one hour class a week developing the exercises with weekly progressions  
Silver is for you if:   You want to chose routines that are specific to your needs and of a duration you prefer -  shorter & longer sessions of varied content offering more choice   (up to 4 zoom classes, 2 facebook Live short routines, a Full class and release session each week.    If you want daily support & suggestions and to make requests for content - Mini routines and tips issued through the private Silver facebook group   (Signature Video series not included)
Gold is for you if:   You want everything Silver has to offer, plus a private 1:1 session plus unlimited access to ALL CONTENT
Bronze Members... Special Offer  If you want to join a facebook live.... £6 for one...£10 for two  you can chose ANY 2 facebook Live sessions during this term
nb. please email me me for on line bank details 
August Book&Pay  day July 31st
New Term Book&Pay  day now over
options/prices are for the specified periods  (4 week term or month of August) ...all content is available A La Carte