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Choose from one of the Membership options  to suit the weekly amount of on-line content,                          exercise inspiration and flexibility you require             Silver Membership offers the most comprehensive and cost effective access ....and is the best choice for your body
Content will be delivered via  Facebook private group Zoom YouTube                           Please let me know if you need any more info or help accessing these platforms
Termly Membership Options (new term costs tba)  Summer Maintenance  £28    july- september 5th access to ALL Silver group routines  
*** Silver ***
Unlimited Digital Access       Full classes, short format     standing,  functional Gentle, Intermediate & Advanced extras Maintenance access over breaks provided .... in Hall Facebook Zoom YouTube
One full class                      per week   provided on either In Hall Zoom   YouTube
~ A La Carte  ~ Full Zoom class  £10 Short format class *  £8 Weekly class*  £11 PAYG £12 Walk Out  £7:50 Private 1:1     £60 
  *7 days access
Bronze is for you if:   You want one class a week developing the exercises with weekly progressions   plus....any Extra Zoom class only £5
Silver is for you if you want...   -more flexibility -more content -more variety -access over holidays mix pilates with functional & strength workouts  (new sessions daily) plus!   Mini routines and tips issued through the private Silver facebook group   -whole term access to all workouts -chose routines of different intensities, Gentle, Intermediate & Advanced extras (chose a workout for how you are feeling on any given day) - shorter & longer sessions -flexibility in attendance, classes everyday join as often and when you like - varied content & more choice   - daily support & suggestions - make requests for content
In person classes.... Pay on the Day   £12 Walk Out  £7:50