What are the different levels? The levels I teach are described  on the levels page below from  easiest to most challenging  Gentle  Improvers  Intermediate  Advanced How long will it take before I move up  to the next level? Everybody learns and develops at their own  pace, some people may like (or need) to stay  in a gentler class for longer than others.  Most  people like to do a (beginners) Gentle course of 6  weeks, then re-do it to feel confident they are  working correctly, before moving on What if I cannot come to every class?  I will send you a pre-recorded version of the class for you to do during the week you miss.  The link last 7 days, Monday to Sunday  Or, I offer the ‘freedom to roam’ between classes where there are spaces, so you can make any missed classes up.  Is there a discount for regulars? Yes, you can benefit from the EarlyBird  discount by booking and paying in advance  (payable before the end of term for  the new term) Your place will be held until the Book&PayDay (Earlybird date) .after which, available places will be  offered out.  for more about costs see  Costs Page How do I book in?   Email me to check spaces and book in                 ***  **  **

Frequently Asked Questions

I am very fit, do I still need to start with  a beginners class? Learning Pilates is a process…we are trying to  undo certain incorrect movements or habits  the body has developed. Regardless of your  existing level of fitness, this requires starting  at the beginning with the basics and building  up gradually. The need for this gradual  process is often more evident in a very ‘fit’  person.  As we are learning correct technique, it can take a few weeks   What should I wear? Wear socks (no shoes) and comfy loose  or stretchy clothing without belts or anything which  could restrict your movements.   Will it help my bad back? Many will find that the gentle movements will  help to strengthen the supporting muscles of  the torso, helping to release tension and  improve range of movement.   I have an injury or physical limitation, can I still do Pilates? Absolutely, being so gentle, the beginners  movements do not usually cause discomfort,  so long as you are able to lay on your spine.   Modifications can always be given if certain  exercises are not useful or comfortable If I am not fit will I be able to do it? You do not need to be fit to learn Pilates,  anyone can do it, regardless of your level of  fitness, body shape, age etc.  You need to be  able to get on & off the floor for most group  classes and the rest will come as you  continue to attend classes What can I expect from the class? The class will usually start with a short standing routine as this is important for function, followed by relaxation and exercises laying down on the mat.  Moves will be  developed gradually and alternatives are  given.  Let me know if there are any moves  you cannot do, or do not like! Do men do Pilates? Yes! Everyone can do Pilates.  There are  usually some men in each class, but once  everybody gets down onto the floor and  starts to concentrate, they are unaware of  who else is in the class. Do I need to bring anything? YOU WILL NEED YOUR OWN MAT, ideally a thick 10ml pilates mat.  Let me know if you need any help or advice  to purchase one.  Please wear socks.  You may like to bring a small towel  for under your head Do the classes stop over the holidays?  The normal timetable classes stop over the holidays, however, I do maintenance classes for those of you who can’t bear to stop!   There will also ALWAYS be digital classes available for you to do at home, via Zoom, facebook or Youtube link     Sin up over holidays or join The ALL
Email me on....         CMPilates@live.co.uk
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