Feedback Please!! Thank you for your continued support.  I would appreciate you taking some time to provide Feedback about our Pilates classes so that I can plan and improve the sessions Let me know what you like or don’t like about the classes, the venue or any other aspect which is relevant Tell me about any injuries or conditions which may have been improved or aggravated by the classes Let me know if there is anything else you would like to do in the class, or different classes you would like to try Ideally, email your feedback to:  especially if you would like a response  
If you prefer to put pen to paper, or to provide anonymous Feedback, pass your comments to me in class or post your feedback to me at   14 Maiden Castle Rd, Dorchester Dorset DT1 2ER                                                                                  Thank you   Claire
Below...Testimonials, actual feedback from participants in class or private 1:1 September I have really enjoyed the two sessions I have had so far.  Your presentation skills are first class and I think I am following your instructions correctly. I am very surprised that such apparently "mild" exercise leaves me feeling quite tired at the end. (I like to think it's because I'm doing it right!)   V August The programme you set for me is working well. I've also lost a bit of weight and I'm walking much better now. 6 months ago I couldn't see a way forward so I'm really pleased.   M June As ever I feel great benefit from your Pilates classes. I saw a neurophysiotherapist a few weeks ago (because of my condition), and she was impressed by my good core stability. Whilst I am unable to strengthen my peripheral muscles due to this condition, I feel that increasing my core stability is essential. I find the upper body exercises very challenging, but I am sure they are beneficial in developing strength and stability (!) in my upper torso. My neck is one of the muscle groups that is affected so I have to be careful not to strain these muscles. You are a brilliant teacher   K June 2017 I felt very tired after today's class & definitely needed some recovery time . I have been coming for 2years now &  feel my posture has significantly  improved & I have much less lower back pain. I feel more comfortable with the exercises this term, as balancing on the ball on my thigh was very challenging, likewise the turtle neck exercise, which I worry puts pressure on my neck ,which is becoming increasingly stiff. As I suffer from osteoporosis  & have bone # 's I am concerned to get the balance right between strengthening my muscles and preventing any further fractures.  I do however trust your advice regarding what one''s body can do. I was very interested to read your list of qualifications, its very varied. You give great value in the classes as you always give us the max time plus and put so much it each session, &  you always appear very positive at each session. I miss the music even though it was at a very low level.   Hope this is useful. Best wishes C May 2017 Claire - feedback as requested ! My move to the 11.10 class co-incided, I think, with the re-focus, and has been very beneficial for me, enabling me to focus in particular on my posture.  At intervals during the day, I now consciously go through the process you recommend, lifting the torso, drawing down the shoulders and squeezing the scapula, etc.  Also, from a position where I felt I would never achieve a sit-up - (I still can't!)  I can feel for the first time that I have stomach muscles which are beginning to strengthen! None of this would be achieved without your expert tuition which, throughout the class, keeps our minds focussed on the exercises in order to engage those innermost muscles which until now we didn't know we had!   Many thanks. C May 2017   There is literally nothing I don't like about the classes!  Quite the reverse! I hardly ever go the chiropractor now, whereas I used to be there at least once a month.  I have a sore right hip, but very much appreciate how all our various aches and pains are patiently tolerated and allowed for.   I always feel better for the class, and am continually amazed that there are so many ways to exercise and focus on all the different parts of the body . I find the anatomy part of it very interesting. The continual giving of information, instruction, demonstration, cautions, and the ability to fit the exercise to our own particular ability - all of this is hugely helpful, and I very much appreciate the effort put in to each class, and how new exercises and variations are being constantly introduced. It is also very helpful to be given quick small routines to use at home. Being able to swap on occasion, and have the option of a Catch Up class , all adds to the general convenience and ease of the  class arrangements, and I am definitely one very satisfied customer! Thank you Claire, very much!   S
        Quote of the Week comments people have made to me during the weekly or Workshops  July ‘23   I just want to say a huge thank you for the Footwork videos. I have learnt so much about my feet already. They use just to be the things on the ends of my legs but now I am beginning to learn how to use them properly. No doubt that neuropathy has affected them quite badly over the years, but I do believe they are starting to wake up! I really enjoyed the class, I can honestly say I felt so supple in my back and pelvis after all the work we did ! I felt amazing !  M Dorchester  April 23 love the class and your style of instruction. I am definitely noticing a difference      R Dorchester Thank you so much Claire . The lifting and stretching (we do in class) has come in very handy that’s for sure … R Weymouth...on moving house  I really benefited from doing the class twice in the week, the second time round my body truly ‘gets it’   A on The All Don’t know how you do it. You make every term different. Last term discovered some tummy muscles. This term I seem to have discovered outer buttock muscles!     B  Online participant February 2023 I really appreciate that you always strive to give us the best experience T Dorchester   Many thanks again for your great teaching. It’s fantastic that every term is different & you make it so interesting & safe.    B Digital customer Thanks you Claire   I used the neck exercise we did last week as I felt a stress headache coming on.   Headache disolved...and I felt so much better  J Dorchester January 2023 Thank you for a great Pilates Term, I’ve enjoyed it so much ! I love the classes so much and know they are doing me the world of good     M Dorchester Brilliant class on Friday, as usual!!   Thank you Claire   D Dorchester Thank you so much for a really great pilates year.  The classes are so innovative and fun     V Portesham   We have picked up a cold over the weekend and are at the coughing and spluttering phase.  Your breathing exercise to get air deep into the lungs, was a real help  M&C  Dorchester.     note to say how much I enjoyed the Walking Workshop today. Your research & exercise programme were superb & will make a difference to my wellbeing (if I practice !)   K Preston Thanks Claire-love your classes  I came to class today with a headache, after your had completely gone Thank you   J Dorchester December 22   Thank you so much for a really great pilates year - the classes are so innovative and fun. V Portesham We have both picked up a cold over the weekend and are at the coughing and spluttering phase.  Could you please send the UTube link for this week's session , so we can do it at home.    Also your breathing exercises,  to get air deep into the lungs, was a real help M&C Dorchester November ‘22 Highly recommend it. I’ve done loads of other sessions online and at gym but this is one of the best because it’s a low impact complete all round toning work out.  What especially helps me to focus is the exercises are explained in fascinating depth and just when you think you’ve got it Claire will remind us about our core and certain muscles so as we can adjust and maintain the correct movements.  This is Pilates at its best!        M  Online student October ‘22  J Portesham   Loved the work on hip release last session and exercises of late opening the chest and movement of shoulders all helping with my ‘mouse shoulder’.   It can get quite painful in my right shoulder area when I have had an intensive period on the computer using a mouse. The basic work of the pelvic tilt and just being more aware of that whole area helps me maintain good posture. My hour at your class is real ‘me time’.  I find myself closing my eyes and just concentrating on your instructions and encouragement. I love it. I don’t always get the positioning right I know but I feel I’m getting there. Please, always keep correcting me so I get the most benefit. So, as well as improving my mobility and strength, it certainly contributes to my overall well-being. After the Back Care release class, I didnt need to take my usual pain killers to go to sleep and I felt amazing in the morning   A   portesham  Really enjoyed the Balance workshop last month.  Found it really useful. Have now got into doing daily balance exercises! Prevention better than cure!     J  Dorchester September’22     Honestly I think 2 weeks of pilates has done more for me than the weeks of
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