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Contact me to ask for what you might specifically need                          topics include.... Release       Breathing       Spine     Fundamentals      Shoulders      Gardening       Desk-top                            Short Format    Mixed ability        Functional    Core      Men’s Pilates     Seated Routines                                         Standing Routines      Gentle Full Class       Intermediate Full Class     Advanced Extras The All -  all included                The One  -  available to purchase                                                                Any class can be purchased A La Carte    Full Class £13   Short class £10          Short format routines over the past terms...   (30 min routines) Squat to Rise to Jump? Hip TLC Small Ball Mat workout Arm Sequence Standing Leg Work Front Back Spirals  Standing Front Back Spirals  Seated Standing up the wall Ankle Mobility Prickle Ball Tutorial Shoulder Boost Hip Boost Spinal Mobility Spinal Stability Balance Routine Mindless Pilates Strength Sandwich Release Sandwich Hand Tutorial Full classes  Gentle  &  Intermediate March/April    May/June    July January    Weeks 1 - 6   Full classes     Standing week 1 & 4 (foot mobility, heel leg extension, criss cross arms) November- December       Mini Bridge Hover   Arms Up & Out       Face down elbow lift, leg lift      Head Float Front back side Breathing September - October      Rowing Arms  sitting standing kneeling    Elbow slides     Back arm leg lift all 4   July Back Line Gentle & Hot Side Lines  Gentle to Hot Strength Sandwich Thigh slide Cardio Arms Arms Arms Squat routine & set up Seated Workout Breakdowns    Shoulder Rolls     Double Shin   (up to down  & down to up)    Spine curl to Bridge     Elbow Slides       Bridging in Neutral        Plank prep July 30th   Part B         Spine Sequence   Kneeling Forward Hinge    Lift & Rotation   Side Stretch July 28th    Part A         Spine Sequence    Seated Forward Hinge    Lift & Rotation   Side Stretch July 23rd     Mindfulness core     Standing spinal control     Supine arm press leg lift July 21st     Standing Resistance & Conditioning class     weight shifts       balance       upper body strength July 7   Hips & Low Back Mindfulness Release July 9   Standing Lunges forward/sideways  with toning Arms June 30      Daily Practise  #1   Based around single leg slides and arm floats July 2   Daily Practise  #1   Based around knee thigh opening and band resistance June 22  Tabata-Pilates Fusion class  (part 1)   to get the heart rate up    Learn the exercise elements  so we can make it into a ‘circuit’ style workout Part 2  June 24  Tabata-Pilates Fusion class    Use the exercises learned in part 1 for a full routine getting the heart rate up,  some fast work, but with ‘Pilates’ control 16 June   Towel Class    Strong Matwork  session using a towel as a short roller/pad June 18     Tea Towel Class     Using the tea towel to add resistance for the 4 S’s..... Standing    Sitting    Side Laying    Supine Advanced extras    For those who want some more taxing variations for the weekly class Release June 8   Brain Smoothie     4 minute head massage  a treat for your brain June 12   Lower Back Release     A set of release exercises based on releasing the fascia to relieve low tightness May 21st  Seated Release    A whole workout on a chair...to release    Main focus on mobilising the spine       39 mins May 18th  Bliss Release    20 minute routine focused entirely on Release...particular focus on neck & shoulders Arm Opening Circles for chest opening back tone release                10 mins 3 versions 3 repetitions for at least 3 reasons     1- Movement    2- release     3- strength May 5th  Nose to Toes   Circles through the body for release     Gentle but Deep!    With a core busting bonus  to  40 mins Circles nose-arms-pelvis-hips-ankles- to get your body ready for...your day...your exercise...your pilates class Birdsong wake up stretch      Before you get out of bed   Elbow reach up & over to stretch your spine,  sides  & waist Gardening/desk top release routine   shoulders & Windmill arms  (desk top) 7 minute neck     Alignment & Release Explanation to improve neck alignment and reduce tension particularly during exercises where we tend to grip Lower back Release sequence and then tone     (see spine) Breathing May 4th    Energetic breathing  River sounds  hold collar bone down  3 mins April 4th  Sea sounds breathing    Focus on box breathing pause at the top of the in breath   3 mins March 28th   Breathing exercise with focus into one side lungs    10mins  Core June 16  Abdominals Live session     Workout for all your ‘abs’ without compromising your spine June 18 Pelvic Floor Live session   Exploration of working the pelvic floor for contraction and release June 9   Standing Plank   Intense resistance exercise using the squat May 19th   Seated Strength    Using the humble chair to create a tough work-out routine   35 mins Kind on the knees! Sunset Power Flow    May 18th    A powerful sequence of strong movements...  with focus on strength & flexibility, you need good control to move from one position to the next     not for those with injuries May 14th  Side Laying core workout    Work the    Hips   Waist   Shoulders  and Spine Alternatives are given, but this is a tough workout   Side laying lifts   &   Mermaid side bend & rotation April 28th   Core Buster Part 1   Floor work   All 4 Core Stability & Arm Opening release   Wake up your deep core and create some heat with this routine on all 4’s (or leaning)..then release with the lovely chest opening Side Laying Arm Opening April 30th    Core Buster Part 2   Standing work   Squat & leaning Core Stability & Breathing release   Wake up your deep core and create some heat with this routine which  SIMULATES being on all 4’s by leaning so you have an alternative which doesnt require you to get down on the floor Press up challenge  (bingo wings!) Shoulders Gardening/desk top release routine   Elbow lift to side bend and rotation     Windmill arms Press up challenge  (bingo wings!) Gardening Gardening/desk top release routine   Elbow lift to side bend and rotation     Windmill arms Desk top Chest opening cleopatra forearms     bum strengthening side leg hinge Great for desk workers but everyone will benefit from these seated chest  and  side laying bum exercises See Power flow prep   under mixed ability Standing Routines   see class warm-up June 10   Standing Plank   Intense resistance exercise using the squat June 8  Pole Work    Strong standing workout using a pole to work the shoulders & squat to work the bum May 12th    Dynamic Balance challenge   CV heel rise & drop    arabesque    Side Lunge    clock steps A standing routine to develop balance stamina and control      April 22nd Circulation  Standing CV & Breathing  routine Get your heart rate up with lunges arm raises to help deepen the breathing     25 mins April 30th    Core Buster Part 2    standing core Squat leaning...see CORE  section Tba  Standing plank   short routine.to be developed   A strong standing exercise using static resistance Bow & Arrow   Seated & Standing rotation exercises     Work the arms & upper back and mobilise the spine    35mins April 25th Side weight shift & Lunge  - speed skate   Standing Warm up for current term session Shifting weight through side lines (ankle- hip-spine) for strength & control Sit to stand squat     Chair to Standing           Functional exercise Perfect your deep squat technique by hovering above the chair to work your bum    Short Format mixed ability May 7th  Power Flow Prep       mix of movement release and strength Standing cat-camel     Squat prep   Lunge    Arm movements into spinal movments Birdsong CV butterfly arms & lunge     A standing stretch exercise to get your heart rate up using wide arm movements and deep/fast lunges   Great as a morning tonic Bow & Arrow   Seated & Standing rotation exercises   followed by a mat sequence for neutral control Work the arms & upper back and mobilise the spine                                                     35mins Seated Routines See Seated Strength & Seated Release from Bow & Arrow   Seated & Standing rotation exercises   followed by a mat sequence for neutral control Work the arms & upper back and mobilise the spine                                                     35mins April 24    Single Shin & Arm Float   Work the hips/thighs/shoulders/upper back with this seated routine   Learn a seated version some familiar exercises…single shin & arm float, cat-camel, hip flexor stretch    37 mins See Gardening/desk top release routine   Spine Low Back Release (part 1)  & Subsequent Tone  sequence (part 2) 30 mins of release – Gentle mobility for a sore back    and 30 mins of Gentle but deep toning to improve support Fundamentals   short information videos covering the basic principles 1- Neutral Alignment 2- Elevate 3- Core Activation 4- Strength & Mobility Functional Sit to stand Squat  Day in the life   routines around the house    core buster leaning Tba   Walking cycling alignment tba Press up challenge  (bingo wings!)
There is a huge Library  of Videos available