Maintenance Classes Because normal timetable classes stop over the breaks, I will be doing workshops for those of you who want to explore a subject in more detail, and maintenance classes for a work- out based on the term exercises      Summer 2018  maintenance classes are now over... Workshops and Maintenance classes are mixed ability, no experience required, all levels will be catered for please email to Book in   (in case of cancellation) Or: Maintain your Pilates at home with a Sound File or Audio CD      Check out the CD for sale  page to see all available files 1:1 Clinics  clinics only held over holiday periods short format Express 1:1       Clinic slots will last 30 mins.  During this slot, I can give you my full attention to discuss the issue and offer exercises,  advice or movements to help           30 Min session to work on whatever you need     £20                            (longer or shorter sessions can be  arranged, please ask)          Sessions will be booked back to back according to available slots                                                *examples of things we might work on              Email me to book *Back pain        Rotator cuff     Osteoporosis     Breathing                    Golf      Ankle strength       Lifting        Release       Stretching                            Shoulder pain    Posture         Neck       Journey manager                   Mini routine         Desktop          Hip strength      Riding  
Dates coming up:  Shoulder  Workshop       Spine Workshop       Rider Pilates Winter Series contact me if you are interested Osteoporosis  Workshop  tba How to combat this condition with exercise    This will cover info on how to work with this condition - men & women  Anyone who may be affected can come and join in    No Pilates experience is needed.  Seated price available (please ask me for details) Gardening Workshop        Learn Strategies to protect your body while Gardening Journey Manager Workshop........ Exercises to do whilst travelling.  Manage the strain of long journeys with strategies to avoid back, shoulder or neck ache Spine Safe Workshop.........          How to keep your back safe & strong during everyday movements Functional  Workshop...... How to turn your everyday movements and positions into strengthening opportunities Hip or Shoulder Workshop...... Exercises to release and strengthen the Shoulder (including neck & upper back) or Hips (including lower back and gluts) 
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