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Maintain your Pilates between classes  with a Sound File or an Audio CD Check out the CD for sale page to see the available CD’s eg Release (& Strength) from Januarys classes Functional  Workshop...... How to turn your everyday movements and positions into strengthening opportunities Spine Safe Workshop.........       How to keep your back safe & strong during everyday movements
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9/10/11 April 2018 Gardening Work-shop Journey Manager   Combined classes, all welcome  
Because normal timetable classes stop over the breaks, I will be doing workshops for those of you who want to explore a subject in more detail, and maintencance classes for a work-out based on the term exercises
Sound File from this week    £6                A full class to do at home during next week when I am not teaching classes    55 minutes Content:  Knee thigh Opening - Side laying straight & bent leg hinges - Fore-arm hold - Straight leg lift & strength hold - Arm & Hip Circles - Pelvic semi circles      Sound Files from last term’s work I have recorded these with specific themes..                Release    Strength     Arms £3 each       or   £5 for 2          £7 for all 3 1 - Release exercises  14  mins Cat-Camel to thoracic release, Pelvic Tilts, Neck release sequence 2 - Arm Exercise  16  mins Supine Arms, strength hold & circles 3 - Supine Strength routines 20 mins Knee thigh opener & Leg Slide & Lift ..with Arms Email to purchase & they will be sent via email