Standing 1. Push Pull upper body mobility 2. Single Shoulder Rolls  & Rotation 3. Upward Stretch & side bend 4. Chest opening arms 5. Arm Swing release
Matwork 1. Cat Camel (wrists) 2. Breathing & Pelvic Tilt   3. Arm Circles    Leg Slide (& Lift)   Neck Press 4. All 4’s Brace and knee lift 5. Swing boat forward/back ward rock 6. Cat Camel  (forearms) 7. Upper back stretch, lower back tilt
Push Pull
Single Shoulder Rolls
Upward & Side Stretch
Squat & Chest Stretch
All ‘4s
press ankles to lighten (lift) knees
Sway forwards backwards
forearms cat/camel
bum back upper back stretch
Arm Floats to semi Circles
Leg Slide (and lift) add Arms circles
Neck Press
Mat work  (after breathing & Pelvic Tilt)
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