SaddleWorks        by Claire Myers Pilates                        Pilates for Riders     Success Story.... The lovely Susie .....                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
WInter Workshops   click here for info Monthly Clinic  2 hr class a Rider Specific Pilates class running once a month (Tuesdays)  Open to all, no Pilates experience required    Cost between £22- £30 per session  (the more sessions you book, the cheaper it is!)    Dorchester  winter only SaddleWork 3 phase Sessions Ridden lesson and assessment Biomechanical screening Saddle Horse session, Matwork session Specifically tailored exercise sheet Cost    £80  individual       £140 Pair Saturday mornings, Charminster  Dorchester sessions available at your yard too, email to enquire                   Using     Equipilates  &   I MoveFreely
Rider Alignment Biomechanical screening Pre-Riding Release Targeted exercises to strengthen Treat your Body         Help your Horse
Ridden Assessment Susie rides regularly and Events  with her horse Luna.  She worked  at a desk for a long time which left  an imprint on her posture   *tight hips *posterior pelvic tilt *body tipping forward *rounded shoulders *elbows out                           
Targeted Exercise Programme *cleopatra forearms  *on all 4’s core stabiliser *Pelvic tilt and lift Exercises are learnt and annotated, then  a collage image provides Susie with a  summary of her specifically targeted  programme                            
Biomechanical Testing Release first After Biomechanical Testing.. I taught  Susie a hip release exercise.  Here you  can see how the thigh relaxes down  more easily after the release exercise,  allowing her to position her leg more  easily in the saddle                            
Saddle Horse Assessment major focus the front/back line *posterior pelvic tilt *upper thoracic flexion *anterior ribcage tipped *cervical extension in other words...a bit of a slouch                           
Pilates Exercises to strengthen and help Susie’s position
Saddle Horse    Before                             &    After
after our SaddleWorks  session
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