SaddleWorks        by Claire Myers Pilates                        Pilates for Riders     at the Yard ....  3 phases Matwork...Saddlehorse...Ridden come to my yard (Charminster Dorchester)   or I can come to yours       Contact me for more info                                                                                                                                                                                      Introductory offer   £80  individual    £140 pair (for 3 phases of tuition, ridden lesson, saddle horse alignment, matwork session and tailored exercises)    Saturday mornings See a case study              
Winter Workshops Series   Cost..   £30   (but please email to book in)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
MatWork Winter Series                                                                   with Claire Myers a dedicated Rider and  Pilates Instructor Dorchester     2 hr sessions     Monthly   Full Body Work-out Routine  (with handout) monthly specific subject/focus Biomechanical Testing Saddle Horse Position Analysis Release Exercises Core Strengthening Q & A October 22nd    theme RELEASE! November 19    Core December 10    Shoulders January 21        Glut February 18      Hips & Pelvis March 17          Strength Work through the Winter to .. strengthen your core improve your position develop Body awareness                 Help your Horse!                  
with  instructor
Learn Pilates for Riders in more depth in the Winter Workshops once a MONTH each session with a specific theme   
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What we will Cover?..... Specifically tailored Pilates for Riders exercises  Common Riding problems explored        Alignment –  assess and help your position      Release – tight muscles     Strength  -  build core strength and stabilise you in the saddle       Mobility  increase range of movement      Awareness – learn what your body can do        Help your Horse  – be more balanced in the saddle       Saddle Horse assess your position on the saddle horse       Breathing – techniques for control and release    What can you expect to gain from the sessions?.    Increased body awareness.  More confident Riding.   Improved riding position & stability.    Better communication with your horse    Support for sore joints   You will learn exercises you can use both on the horse and in your everyday life  Who is it for?.......All Riders   Pilates helps all types of riding– Hacking – Dressage - Jumping          * if you cant come to regular classes           *if you have sore joints or aches & pains         *if you need better mobility       *if you want to learn Pilates properly     *if you want to be more balanced  
If you cant get to a about a Ridden session ......
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