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All sessions must be booked and paid for in advance.   Classes are interchangeable (where there are spaces)  between venues.  Insufficient numbers may mean the class  will be postponed (although I will not take payment until  course numbers are viable).  Cancelled or missed classes will  not be refunded but can be used as a credit against a  different date depending on how much notice is given of non attendance. Contact Claire at cmpilates@live.co.uk to book  

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Group Classes   Essentials course Learn the principles specifically relevant to riding over a course of 3 sessions             Cost £65     min 5 hours tuition 1 : 1 Private Sessions Biomechanical Screening, Postural Assessment  and specifically tailored exercises   Cost £65  per session (between 1-2hrs) or £50 per session or 2 or more sessions Using     Equipilates  &   I MoveFreely
Pilates for Riding using the Equipilatestechnique
Rider Alignment Biomechanical screening Pre-Riding Stretches Exercises to strengthen Treat your Body         Help your Horse
as a Rider, Claire noticed the advantage to her position and balance of practising Pilates. She rides her 2 horses in all disciplines.  Amazed by the parallels between riding and pilates, it was a natural progression to teach other riders the pilates principles, not only to help improve their  position, but also the horse's way of going. Claire has now been teaching riders Pilates techniques for many years both in the studio, on the yard and under saddle.  Let Claire help you in the way Pilates has helped her!
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using the visualise jacket
using the saddle horse
to look at position & straightness