on a static saddle horse, look at your alignment  horse and try some exercises
work on targeted matwork & functional exercises specific to your needs     Take away your note sheet
whilst riding, work on position, perform exercises and then before & after comparison
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I love the riding term ‘Combination’  it’s such a great and your horse are a team.  It is widely known that Pilates is amazing for helping the Rider’s body & awareness...but at SaddleWorks we feel it is important to learn both            in the studio and in the arena SaddleWorks offers 3 Phases working with both you and your horse SaddleHorse MatWork Ridden Done together, in our Day Camps these phases can be a powerful tool to improve confidence & control and reduce injuries (in both you & your horse).    We can work on any phase separately.    The studio based Workshops focus on off the horse work using MatWork Pilates and  the SaddleHorse
What do we Cover?..... Specifically tailored Matwork & functional exercises for Riders   Alignment        Release       Strength        Mobility       Help your Horse Saddle Horse  -assess your position on the saddle horse    Breathing – techniques for control and release     Common Riding problems explored        Alignment –  assess and help your position      Release – tight muscles     Strength  -  build core strength and stabilise you in the saddle       Mobility – increase range of movement  Awareness -learn what your body can do    Help your Horse – be more balanced in the saddle Saddle Horse         Common Problems          Breathing        Awareness   
SaddleHorse On the Saddle Horse, we look at your  natural posture whilst in the riding  position....but without the distraction-  or influence- of the horse!  This really  helps develop body awareness and  allows us to decide our exercise plan
Matwork After working with your body both on  & off the horse, we learn exercises  specific to you which can help release  tightness and develop strength in order for you to manage and control your  body more easily
Riding It is really important to see the  interaction between you & your horse  to help the SaddleWorks  both effect each other.  The riding  lesson gives us context and helps you to practise what you have learned 
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Zoom Class   Pilates Exercises ....straight into your home contact me for details