About Safe Spine Pilates and what to expect from my classes

What does Safe Spine mean? 

Many of the original pilates exercises devised by Joseph Pilates

himself are not suitable for those with issues such as back pain,

osteoporosis or disc problems.  Some types of Pilates may follow a

program of classical pilates exercises which do not take this into


After having taught Pilates for many years, I could see that certain exercises...although part of the original repertoire, were not helping After a lot of further research and training, I now only offer exercises which will strengthen and support the body without risking damage to the structures of the spine

Back Pain



Disc Problems


These are conditions which I

have studied and I work with

regularly in my classes 

Exercises we do will assume some kind of issue and will therefore all be Spine Safe However, although I can adapt & modify exercises in class, a group class program is aimed at working the whole group and are not necessarily perfect for the individual.  That is a limitation of group classes and where 1:1 sessions can be useful I am always happy to discuss your individual needs, drop me an email! cmpilates@live.co.uk

What to expect at a class of  Claire Myers Pilates

We do exercises which do not involve bending the back under load, and

keep rotation and side bending to a very safe minimum

There will be  a lot of focus on keeping the spine still, and working on improving strength and mobility through the hips & shoulders As the hips & shoulders become stronger, there will be less pressure on the spine Over the course of the term, we will build up the knowledge and challenge of a certain set of exercises to build strength.       It is important to keep working at an exercise to allow the body to strengthen.  Each term, the exercises focus and repertoire will then change, this is more effective at strengthening.           It is important to vary the exercises to avoid a ‘plateau effect’

The objective is to keep the spine in neutral. 

To do this, we need to understand what neutral means, how to find it but then more importantly, how to ‘hold’ it

whilst we perform the exercises.  This requires (and builds) enormous strength which can then more effectively

support normal functional movement

We will not perform Spinal Flexion and will limit side bending and rotation to very small safe ranges
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