Soft Green Ball

This squashy ball can be used in a variety of ways for support, balance challenge, resistance                                                                                                                                                  £9:50

Resistance Bands

Stretching at home can be easier with a band, or use to create resistance for strengthening

from £3 

Foam Rollers

Work on balance and increase your focus by working on the roller or half roller

from £22 

To Purchase

 Things you might need for class or to practise at home....



Head Blocks

2 different sizes of headblocks to support the head or to cushion under the hips Small soft Block  £12:50       Large Soft Block  £15

£12:50 -  £15 

Prickle Balls (for fascial release)

Use to release tension and massage muscles                                                                        £10 each 


practise  at home
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Stability Ball

For more dynamic exercises   Particularly useful for Pilates for Riders

from £20

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