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Gentle (Beginner) Improver Intermediate Advanced 1:1 private tailored session

Pilates for Riding

You will benefit from the Get Started package in order to get more out of the SaddleWorks Pilates for Riders  see the SaddleWorks page
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New to Claire Myers Pilates?     the Get Started package As classes are now On-Line, you can join any time,  once you have gone through our Newcomers Introduction (the Get Started package) you can have access to all of the on line content, in whichever media you prefer If you are not sure if on-line classes will work for you, drop me an email
Content will be delivered via  Facebook private group Zoom YouTube   Please let me know if you need any info or help accessing these platforms             
 Al La Carte    Full hour class  £9 Short format class   £6 2 if under 15 mins Non-Member 1:1    £50 Member 1:1   £25
During the Initial 1:1 assessment  we will do a full screening, go through your  objectives, discuss any injuries or concerns  and familiarise you with the pilates  principles.  This can be done on ZOOM,  FaceTime   WhatsApp, phone or whatever  media you  prefer
During the Debrief 1:1 we will discuss  your experience of following the videos.   Iron out any issues, discuss modifications,  appropriate levels for you to follow and  prepare you to proceed with the on-line  content You can then enjoy your Pilates
The Fundamentals videos cover the important Pilates principles.  Divided into 4  sections- Neutral Alignment - Elevate  - Core  - Mobility& Stability - The videos equip you  to safely follow and get the most out of the  On-Line content.
Get Started   Digital  Series 1:1  initial  assessment 1:1  debrief
1:1 debrief
1:1 initial assessment
Get Started Video Series
This process helps us get to know each other, more importantly it helps you participate safely and enjoy your Pilates  I take my duty of care to all my participants very seriously
New Participants programme                        £65  minimum 3 hours contact time email or message me to Get Started