Home Claire ? Classes Pilates ? Gallery F A Q's Riders SaddleWorks Cope with demands of Life Travel can involve long hours sitting as well as lifting heavy luggage.  Using Pilates principles, learn how to reduce the pressure on your body.  This workshop will not only help you cope with the demands of travel, but with the physical demands of daily life  1hr Workshop        1:30pm  June 8th  Dorchester available On-Line     8:50       30 day access  Email to book  cmpilates@live.co.uk    Cope with demands of Desk Work Use Pilates principles to release tension, develop flexibility and encourage postural awareness.  Done at  your chair, no experience or equipment is required. The exercises will not only help you better cope with desk work but will be useful in every walk of life.     short demo   https://youtu.be/-QOhDXzBB9c  1hr Workshop        Available now  (Youtube Video)     8:50       30 days access
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Walk Well
Covid Protocols..bring your own mat...windows & doors will be open where possible   It has been so good to see you face to face Live in class and start working with you ‘close-up’ again...I love being back in halls... But just as I thought I had a system, things are changing again and I need to be re- active.... Over the last couple of weeks, I have had a constant trail of emails from LPPs who have covid, or need to quarantine and so cannot come to their live class.  As you know, whilst I need to protect my business, I never want anyone to pay for a class they cant ‘attend’.   Ordinarily, on The One, if you miss a class, you have plenty of flexibility in that you can either ask for a pre-recorded version, or you can join one of the make up Zoom sessions (choosing between Monday 9:30 or Thursday 5:30).. However, as a temporary bonus, I am offering you a third option - to join your normal class digitally via Zoom     This is normally a perk of The All, so it will only be available to get us over the next few weeks with this latest phase of increasing covid infections.   If you are one of the unlucky ones who cannot leave the house because of covid, you can still ‘join’ your class - albeit digitally   .... It is there if you need it.  Please remember, if you join a class via zoom, I cannot guarantee internet connection and I cannot correct you whilst I am teaching LPP’s in a hall. But, it will be a better alternative than doing nothing!   Email me for the link, only use it to attend your normal class and be aware this bonus extra option is temporary.   I hope you wont need it! If the worst happens and I cannot leave my house, I will teach your class via zoom using the same link. Ps   Those of you on The All, you can still use your normal links to join any of the 12 classes I teach each week The One       1 class per week  Chose between:    Pre-reorded    Zoom Interactive    In Person    EarlyBird  now closed                       email me if you need to swap / change The All    1 In-Person class per week plus unlimited access to ALL digital classes EarlyBird now closed                  no need to chose...you get it ALL      see whats on offer below  (extra In-Person class £10 per class) join anytime            Upgrade to The All  £30:30         Procedures for In Person classes Please bring your own mats.  This is essential kit if you are coming to an In-Person class but also really useful for working at home.  It gives better support for your body, but also creates a 'focused space' for you to work at home  My mats came from physio supplies...they are called Coronella airex fitline 140cm and cost between £46-£60     You can get cheaper options..I know a few people have got goods ones on- line...from Amazon and also Decathlon -which were reasonably priced.  The important thing is that they are designed for pilates and are thick enough......10ml is good.     Yoga mats are much cheaper, but are not usually thick or supportive enough (yoga mats are more for non-slip when standing - if you only have a yoga mat...it would be best to also use a thick blanket over the top)                     Let me know if you need any help Do not come to class if you have a temperature above 37.6, if you have had any covid symptoms within the last 24hrs, feel unwell, have been in contact with anyone with covid symptoms or are waiting test results.        Bring a mask and your own mat   
Ideas in the pipeline for On-Line classes in 2022, let me know if you (or someone you know) might be  interested   Seated & Supported   Bone & Tone   Short Format Winter Wednesdays Reach & Release  
There is so much to learn about the function of the Foot   Lots of exercise ideas to help   Bitezise mini course  on demand £25
Movement as daily nourishment Develop awareness & control, whether you are walking for pleasure or to simply get somewhere ...learn how to use this most functional of movements to improve your health & longevity    ...and to feel good! 1.5hr Outdoor Workshop       Dates ongoining       Dorchester      £8:50      including video summary of exercises  Email to book   cmpilates@live.co.uk
  Cost of living crisis: In order to support you, despite considerable rising costs, I will not be increasing my prices.  EarlyBird rates will remain the same    The One  £59:20   The All £89:50       EarlyBird by discount when paying in advance  Pay on the Day no longer available    Please ask for pay as you Go spaces ( £12 each in advance)  Upper back workshop on demand   £25