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Please scroll to the bottom of this page for the COVID PROTOCOLS we will be following in class    New Term dates:     Monday 24th Jan  *pausing from Jan 31st to Feb 4th   to Friday 11th March EarlyBird   The One £59:20   The All £89:50 by Jan 21st * There will be no classes from Jan 31s to Feb 4th   Ideas in the pipeline for On-Line classes in 2022, let me know if you (or someone you know) might be  interested   Seated & Supported   Using a chair for standing support and gentle seated exercise Bone & Tone   Fitness based standing routines for strength and bone health - osteoporosis and spine safe Short Format purchase the short format classes: Mobility.Tone.Release Winter Wednesdays Evening Pilates for Riders  Reach & Release   Mobility & stretching based exercises Once again   Thank You I look forward to helping     you all in the year to come The One       1 class per week  Chose between:    Pre-reorded    Zoom Interactive    In Person    EarlyBird  now closed                       email me if you need to swap / change The All    1 In-Person class per week plus unlimited access to ALL digital classes EarlyBird now closed                  no need to chose...you get it ALL      see whats on offer below  (extra In-Person class £10 per class) join anytime            Upgrade to The All  £30:30 Click HERE for my T’s & C’s   2 Zoom Interactive sessions each week...Monday morning      Thursday early evening     New Term schedule..... Monday 9:30am Zoom 6:10pm Gentle     7:15pm Intermediate   St Marys Church Hall   Dorchester     Tuesday  9:30 facebook Live short class (available on replay)     Corn Exchange  11am Gentle 12:05 Improver Wednesday Portesham Village Hall    Improver  9:30am Thursday Preston Church Rooms  09:15  Improver    10:20 Improver  11:25 Gentle                  5:30pm Zoom Friday Brownsword Hall 09:25 Intermediate     10:30 Gentle      If joining an ‘in person’ class, be sure to bring your own mat (*see below for info)    Zoom sessions are not recorded         ZOOM Into Class is a GO!!    This new system is working really well.   If you are in The All membership, you can ZOOM into any Real In person class using the a digital link   Please email me for updated links...note I cannot guarantee these sessions due tech issues.  *Mats!!!   As the whole world has now changed...we will all need to have our own mats.  This is essential kit if you are coming to an In-Person class but also really useful for working at home.  It gives better support for your body, but also creates a 'focused space' for you to work at home  My mats came from physio supplies...they are called Coronella airex fitline 140cm and cost between £46-£60     You can get cheaper options..I know a few people have got goods ones on- line...from Amazon and also Decathlon -which were reasonably priced.  The important thing is that they are designed for pilates and are thick enough......10ml is good.     Yoga mats are much cheaper, but are not usually thick or supportive enough (yoga mats are more for non-slip when standing - if you only have a yoga mat...it would be best to also use a thick blanket over the top)                     Let me know if you need any help   On offer...each week In hall real classes Pre recorded full class Evening in hall real class Zoom interactive class Evening Zoom Interactive class Facebook live short class - Live Facebook live short class – on replay Zoom into Class     Procedures for In Person classes      Do not come to class if you have a temperature above 37.6, if you have had any covid symptoms within the last 24hrs, feel unwell, have been in contact with anyone with covid symptoms or are waiting test results.        Bring a mask and your own mat         What you can expect from me: High traffic surfaces will be wiped before you arrive, complete a risk assessment, be double vaccinated, provide hand sanitiser, ventilate the room, log your attendance …and teach you some nice PILATES!      What I expect from you:   Before coming to class, read above & provide me with your phone number. Do NOT come to class if you are a risk to others.  By attending the class, you agree to follow the procedures to reduce risk: social distancing, hand cleansing, stay and keep your belongings in your space, minimise touching surfaces and moving around, bring your own equipment, wear your mask to enter & leave the hall.     Whilst I will make every effort to mitigate the risks, I cannot guarantee a completely covid safe environment.  Therefore, do NOT come to class if you feel at risk.   Protocols:   Wait well outside the entrance, in the car-park or on the pavement, observing social distancing.  I will have the doors open, please try to minimise touching surfaces, doors, etc as you come in.   Clean your hands with hand sanitiser before coming in.   Come into the hall wearing your mask.    File into the hall following 2 metres social distancing and place your mat in the next available space (2 metres apart)  starting furthest from the entrance Keep your face covering on until you are settled down on your mat.    Bring your own tissues & use them/elbow for coughs & sneezes.  Take your tissues home & dispose of them Once you are down on your mat and have removed your shoes/clothing, keep them close to your own mat.   Keep your mask near in case you need to get up.     Stay in your ‘space’      I will wear a mask if moving around for corrections Payment:   If paying cash, have the correct change, drop the payment into the container provided.   Bacs; before or after the class Please bring all your own equipment, mat, headblocks, bands etc.  Avoid bringing any unnecessary items.   Wear socks    Where possible, windows will be open for extra ventilation so dress warmly. Follow the above procedures when leaving the hall.  Wearing your mask, file out of the hall from nearest the door first.  Avoid moving around the hall unnecessarily.     Toilets will be available but try to avoid using them if possible.       Use the hand sanitiser on your way out Rather than there being a bottleneck at the door, if you have questions after class, stay in your space - I will come to you       Phew!!!    What a lot of stuff to consider…. Hopefully it will keep us all safe so we can enjoy our class                         I’m so looking forward to seeing you        Mostly…Thank you for wanting to come!      Claire xx