Whats on Offer
1 - Workshop Series     workshops through the winter months - Each session covers a specific theme and... now On Line  Thursdays 7:30pm                 more info, dates & costs click here 2   SaddleWorks      3 phase     Day Camps Full assessment & exercises through Ridden   Saddlehorse  and  Matwork    1. Start with a ridden session under instruction 2. Fine tune the postural assessment on the static saddlehorse 3. Then work on your body with targeted matwork exercises specific to what we find        Finish with another riding lesson to see the results and put into practise what we have learned.    Assessment videos & photos, Notes and Photo summary of exercises provided   These are done at our yard in Charminster  (3 miles north of Dorchester) with the fabulous Rachel Comben as an instructor    Usually Saturdays       specific dates can be arranged (to come to your yard /other venues /instructors /days please contact me)                                        more info, dates & costs click here                                                           3   Yard sessions     Book me to come to your yard (or a venue near you) for either a studio based WorkShop   (minimum 6 participants)   including saddlehorse demonstration, Rider Specific MatWork Pilates exercises using small equipment...balls...bands  etc    and note handout to take home or 3 Phase session (see details above) contact me to book a date that suits you SaddleWorks@outlook.com 4  Private 1:1 sessions   As above, but specifically for you!    Any of whats on offer can be tailored to your particular needs.  1:1 sessions are the most targeted and effective way to produce results    contact me to book a date that suits you SaddleWorks@outlook.com
when lockdown is over......